LNG Terminal Logistics (Part 1)

Today, we’ll have a look at why LNG terminal logistics is important, and why it is going to be even more important in the future. In Part 2 of this article, we’ll look at some very basic mathematics explaining the logistics of a multi-user terminal. In Part 3, we’ll take a look at slot management and how this puzzle can cause headaches.

2014.04.17 - LNG Terminal Logistics (Part 1)

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Forecast of Global Exporters and Importers of Energy

Maintaining a robust global energy marketplace is critical to meeting rising global energy demand. The backbone of the global energy marketplace is free trade, which enables energy to move across various boundaries by pipeline, ship, railway, or in the case of electricity, by transmission lines. Oil and natural gas are the most widely traded energy sources, but other forms of energy, including coal, electricity and some renewable fuels, are also actively traded on the international market.

2014.03.27 - Forecast of Global Exporters and Importers of Energy Figure 1

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Oil Resource Base Continues to Expand

Over the coming decades, energy sources will continue to evolve and diversify, driven by changes in technology, consumer needs, and public policies. On the other hand liquid supplies, referring primarily crude oil, are projected to remain the single biggest source of energy and vital to transportation.

2014.03.11 - Oil Resource Base Continues to Expand Figure 1

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Russian Natural Gas export Opens Eastern Horizons

Real alternative to EU exports is born during recent talks in Moscow. Representatives of Chinese National Petroleum Company and Russia’s oil & gas giants Gazprom and Novatek have inked the agreement to sell abundant Siberian resources to the fast-growing Eastern market. The Chinese are investing billions to Russia’s fuel energy complex diversification program. Positive Fitch report on the historic deal indicates that both parties are planning to reach synergies and profit from cooperation.

2013.09.24 - Russian Natural Gas export Opens Eastern Horizons

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