GHG Emissions from Energy Use Projected to Plateau by 2030

In recent years, many nations have begun to identify and address climate risks associated with rising GHG emissions. Since energy use is a significant contributor to GHG emissions, climate policies that target these emissions are likely to play a significant role in the world’s energy future by directly and indirectly affecting people’s energy choices.

2014.03.18 - GHG Emissions from Energy Use Projected to Plateau by 2030 Figure 1

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Oil Resource Base Continues to Expand

Over the coming decades, energy sources will continue to evolve and diversify, driven by changes in technology, consumer needs, and public policies. On the other hand liquid supplies, referring primarily crude oil, are projected to remain the single biggest source of energy and vital to transportation.

2014.03.11 - Oil Resource Base Continues to Expand Figure 1

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Russia Chooses ‘Soft’ Approach to the Arctic

Recent initiatives in the Arctic Council show that Arctic nations have chosen business as a universal language of rapprochement. Russia’s limited military presence should be viewed as an opportunity to build a safer economic environment without prejudicing the security of anyone.

2014.02.20 - Russia Chooses ‘Soft’ Approach to the Arctic

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Dispelling the Myth of Energy and the Free Market