100 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas via Blue Stream to Turkey

Yesterday at 11:00 am Moscow time the Blue Stream gas pipeline supplied its 100th billion cubic meter of Russian natural gas to Turkey. In 2013 gas supplies via Blue Stream had stood at 13.7 billion cubic meters of gas accounting for over a half of the total gas volume (26.7 billion cubic meters) exported by Gazprom to Turkey in 2013.

2014.03.13 - 100 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas via Blue Stream to Turkey Figure 1

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Prirazlomnaya Platform Greenpeace Incident

During last month (September 18), Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise approached the Prirazlomnaya offshore oil drilling platform and Greenpeace activists onboard the vessel attempted to board the facility. Their aim was to protest onboard the Prirazlomnaya platform in order to draw attention to the issue of the expansion of oil and gas exploration in the Arctic Ocean. Their efforts were stopped by the border guards and their vessel was taken in tow to Murmansk port.  A total of 30 crewmembers were detained.

2013.10.07 - Prirazlomnaya Platform Greenpeace Incident

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GSP Offshore Gas Pipeline Project For Gazprom

Russian Natural Gas export Opens Eastern Horizons

Real alternative to EU exports is born during recent talks in Moscow. Representatives of Chinese National Petroleum Company and Russia’s oil & gas giants Gazprom and Novatek have inked the agreement to sell abundant Siberian resources to the fast-growing Eastern market. The Chinese are investing billions to Russia’s fuel energy complex diversification program. Positive Fitch report on the historic deal indicates that both parties are planning to reach synergies and profit from cooperation.

2013.09.24 - Russian Natural Gas export Opens Eastern Horizons

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LNG Tanker First Winter Arctic Crossing

BBC reported today that Ob River, a large tanker carrying liquified natural gas, has left Norway in November and has sailed north of Russia on its way to Japan. The tanker is due to arrive in early December saving approximately 20 days of regular journey. According to the owners the changing climate conditions and a volatile gas market make the Arctic transit profitable.

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