IMO Tier III NOx-compliant Marine Diesel Engine by MAN And HHI-EMD

MAN Diesel & Turbo, together with HHI-EMD, the engine and machinery division of Hyundai Heavy Industries, has presented last October the first IMO Tier III-compliant diesel engine MAN B&W 6S80ME-C9 utilising EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation).  The EGR system enables the engine to meet IMO Tier III NOx regulations, which will be introduced in ECAs (Emission Controlled Areas) from 2016.

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Assessment of Regulated Slow Steaming in the Maritime Industry

On February 2012 the Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC) released a report on the impacts of vessel speed on emissions, technical constraints and other experiences with slow steaming and current speed regulations, analyzing at the same time the legal feasibility of regulated slow steaming. Currently, fleet average ship speeds vary as the shipping sector adapts to changing market circumstances. In recent years, speeds have been reduced in a response to an increasing supply of ships, a slower increase in demand for maritime transport and rising fuel prices.

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Eniram Hull Fouling Study

This month Eniram released a study regarding hull fouling. Increased regulations and fuel prices are forcing operators of all vessel types to tackle inefficiencies in their operations. Hull fouling is a key contributor to higher fuel consumption. According to the study depending on the coating applied to a vessel, the financial impact of operating in areas with a high risk of developing fouling can be up to $500,000 a year for a single cruise vessel.

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Nano Non-Stick Paint for Efficient Shipping

Waste Heat Recovery System for Container Ship