2013 Green4Sea Forum – Waste Heat Recovery and Slow Steaming Presentation By Dr. Kokarakis of BV

Dr. John Kokarakis, VP Technology & Business Development of Bureau Veritas, is giving a presentation regarding waste heat recovery and slow steaming during 2013 Green4Sea Forum, Session 2. The 2013 GREEN4SEA Forum, a PRO BONO event, successfully completed on 17th of April 2013 in Athens, covering a wide range of Green Shipping and Energy Management issues The event has been well attended by over 400 delegates at the venue representing more than 185 companies. The event organized by SQE Marine Group.

Assessment of Regulated Slow Steaming in the Maritime Industry

On February 2012 the Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC) released a report on the impacts of vessel speed on emissions, technical constraints and other experiences with slow steaming and current speed regulations, analyzing at the same time the legal feasibility of regulated slow steaming. Currently, fleet average ship speeds vary as the shipping sector adapts to changing market circumstances. In recent years, speeds have been reduced in a response to an increasing supply of ships, a slower increase in demand for maritime transport and rising fuel prices.

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