MSC Flaminia Fire Video

Methanol Tanker Bunga Alpinia Inferno Videos

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Tanker Bunga Alpinia Inferno

A 38,000 dwt chemical tanker ‘Bunga Alpinia’ was almost destroyed by fire and explosions yesterday morning, while loading methanol at Labuan. It is believed that the accident was caused by lightning, due to heavy rain during the loading procedures, which resulted in several explosions.

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MSC Flaminia Fire

At 10:07 July 14 2012 boxship MSC Flaminia reported that the crew on board had abandoned the vessel, after an explosion and the fire that broke out in one of the cargo holds. Merchant vessels in the area convened to the vessel’s position to provide assistance to MSC Flaminia. The incident took place about 1,000 miles from land mid way between the UK and Canada.

MSC Flaminia on fire (photo taken by the crew of VLCC DS Crown)

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Cargo Hold Fire on Board BBC Baltic

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau released today the completed investigation report regarding a fire within the cargo hold of a general cargo ship.

At about 16:05 on 26 January 2012, a fire broke out in the number one cargo hold of the general cargo ship BBC Baltic while it was discharging cargo in Port Hedland. At the time, workers from Cervan Marine, a local engineering company, were gas cutting in the cargo hold using an oxy-acetylene torch. The ship’s crew assisted by the local emergency services fought the fire and, by 16:25, had extinguished it. There were no injuries as a result of the incident and damage to the ship and its cargo was not serious.

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