Avoidable Accidents

No system is perfect and risk is everywhere, probably nowhere more so than in shipping, with no guarantees that there will never be an accident, nor that a particular accident will never repeat itself.

2015.07.06 - Avoidable Accidents

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Learning from Incidents

It is a common experience to hear the phrase “We must learn lessons from this” following a major accident, or a more everyday event such as losing in a sporting competition.  Indeed this has become such a common phrase that one may feel that learning lessons is an automatic or natural process.

2015.06.29 - Learning from Incidents

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New Offshore Safety Awareness Programme to Help Prevent Hydrocarbon Leaks

Step Change in Safety has launched Joined-up Thinking, a new engagement programme to help the offshore oil and gas industry continue to reduce the number of hydrocarbon leaks. Joined-up Thinking is a series of learning packs designed to increase the offshore workforce’s awareness of different safety issues, with the theme for 2013 being hydrocarbon release prevention.

2013.03.27 - New Offshore Safety Awareness Programme to Help Prevent Hydrocarbon Leaks Figure 1

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