New Offshore Safety Awareness Programme to Help Prevent Hydrocarbon Leaks

Step Change in Safety has launched Joined-up Thinking, a new engagement programme to help the offshore oil and gas industry continue to reduce the number of hydrocarbon leaks. Joined-up Thinking is a series of learning packs designed to increase the offshore workforce’s awareness of different safety issues, with the theme for 2013 being hydrocarbon release prevention.

2013.03.27 - New Offshore Safety Awareness Programme to Help Prevent Hydrocarbon Leaks Figure 1

Joined-up Thinking is unique, in that for the first time it links up best practice from different areas of offshore safety, bringing together asset integrity, competence, human factors and workforce engagement.

The packs contain presentation material which can be delivered at safety meetings and toolbox talks, whether onshore or offshore. Each pack should take approximately 30 minutes to deliver and is supported by a new Joined-up Thinking Facebook page to encourage interaction.

2013.03.27 - New Offshore Safety Awareness Programme to Help Prevent Hydrocarbon Leaks Figure 2

Step Change in Safety team leader, Les Linklater, said: “The Joined-up Thinking packs bring together different strands of expertise with the purpose of reaching out to the workforce and getting them to think differently about their safety when they’re offshore.

“The message we’re trying to get through is that, regardless of their role, everyone has a part to play. This is true in all aspects of safety, including preventing leaks. It’s not necessarily ‘someone else’s job’.

“Hydrocarbon releases are precursors to potential major incidents and Joined-up Thinking forms part of the industry-wide drive to continue to reduce the number of leaks. Huge progress has already been made, with the number of major and significant hydrocarbon releases at an all time low.

“We can’t be complacent and we know that we have to continue to reach out to the workforce at every level in order to engage and enthuse them in the safety effort if we are to continue on the path of improvement.”

The Joined-up Thinking Starter Pack, containing presentation material and a short video, can be downloaded free HERE.

Future Joined-up Thinking packs will be published every second month, focusing on: Major Accident Hazards & Safety Critical Elements, Small Bore Tubing, Remembering Piper Alpha, Reporting & Lessons Learned, Pipework, Control of Work, and Joints.

Source: Step Change in Safety

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