Learning from Incidents

It is a common experience to hear the phrase “We must learn lessons from this” following a major accident, or a more everyday event such as losing in a sporting competition.  Indeed this has become such a common phrase that one may feel that learning lessons is an automatic or natural process.

2015.06.29 - Learning from Incidents

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Over-Engineering Safety?

2013 marks the 25th anniversary of one of Britain’s most tragic oil and gas incidents. The explosion that destroyed the Piper Alpha production platform in the North Sea in July 1988, killed 167 men and changed the way that the UK approached industry safety altogether. The anniversary of this sobering event is causing the British oil and gas industry to evaluate the progress it has made in safety and risk over the past quarter-century, and the participants in a GL Noble Denton’s roundtable discussion that took place during last March 2013 offered strong views on how far the sector has come.

2013.09.17 - Over-Engineering Safety

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Fact Section of PSA Norway Annual Report for 2012

PSA Norway released during last April the fact section of its annual report dealing with important results from the PSA activities and brief information on personal injuries, work-related illness, leaks, fires, damage to structures and pipelines etc. No fatal accidents occurred during 2012 within the PSA area of responsibility offshore and on land. Three people have died in occupational accidents over the past 10 years, most recently in 2009. A brief summary of the most important developments for accidents and injuries in 2012 is provided in this post.

2013.07.10 - Fact Section of PSA Norway Annual Report for 2012

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Increase on Navigational Incidents and Collisions

A few days ago the  Standard P&I Club issued a safety bulletin regarding Navigational Incidents and Collisions. The Standard P&I Club has investigated the number and cost of navigational incidents over the past ten years and the facts are alarming at many levels. In the past five years, there have been 85 claims of over $1m of which over 50% were directly related to navigational issues.

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