Cruise Ship Emissions and Control in Hong Kong

Civic Exchange released the previous month a new report entitled Cruise Ship Emissions and Control in Hong Kong. With the opening of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in June this year, the current report aims to provide timely information regarding cruise ship emissions in Hong Kong for thorough discussions between the government, business sectors and the general public on the issues.

2013.04.23 - Cruise Ship Emissions and Control in Hong Kong Figure 1

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ECA in Hong Kong Could Reduce Excess Deaths by 91%

Civic Exchange, Hong Kong-based non-profit public policy think tank, has recently launched a new report entitled ”A Price Worth Paying: The Case for Controlling Marine Emissions in the Pearl River Delta”. The report focuses on regulating toxic exhaust emissions from ocean-going vessels (OGVs) which are the most significant contributors of marine emissions in the area according to the report.

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Passengers Die After Ferry Collision in Hong Kong

Two boats that collided in the waters off Hong Kong on Monday night leaving 37 people dead. One of the boats was carrying more than 120 people to a fireworks display when it half-sank following the collision near Lamma Island. The search for survivors is continuing.

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