Ship Emissions and Air Quality

Air Pollution Minimization Through Reduction of Vessel Speed at Sea

Reducing emissions from ocean-going vessels as they sail near populated areas is a widely recognized goal, and vessel speed reduction regulations is one of several strategies that is being adopted by regulators and port authorities. A Californian research shows that slowing the speed of cargo ships near coastlines could dramatically cut ships’ air pollution.

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ECA in Hong Kong Could Reduce Excess Deaths by 91%

Civic Exchange, Hong Kong-based non-profit public policy think tank, has recently launched a new report entitled ”A Price Worth Paying: The Case for Controlling Marine Emissions in the Pearl River Delta”. The report focuses on regulating toxic exhaust emissions from ocean-going vessels (OGVs) which are the most significant contributors of marine emissions in the area according to the report.

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EU Provisional Agreement Regarding Marine Fuels Sulphur Content

The European Union has come to an agreement regarding draft legislation on marine fuels which aims in ensuring that all vessels operating in EU waters will reduce harmful emissions by adhering to sulphur content limits in marine fuels.

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