Incident Information on Ballast Tank Explosion of Offshore Rig During Repairs

This incident refers to a ballast tank explosion of an offshore rig during shipyard repairs. During a repair job in a pre-load tank (ballast tank) on board a rig at a repair yard, an explosion occurred in the tank. The rig was undergoing extensive repairs. During the break time, workers using gas torch inside the pre-load tank, had shut the gas torch valves and left the tank. After the break, when they went in again for continuing their job, there was an explosion in the tank as soon as they ignited the gas torch.

2013.07.26 - Incident Information on Ballast Tank Explosion of Offshore Rig During Repairs Figure 1

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Doubler Plate Repair in Bulk Carrier After Collision

A 190-meter bulker suffered severe collision damage in Lagos, Nigeria. A large hole in the hull plating prevented the ship from sailing at full speed. The classification society also demanded that the vessel go to drydock immediately unless an on-site solution was found. Hydrex therefore sent a diver/technician team to the vessel’s location to carry out an emergency doubler plate repair at anchorage.

2013.01.11 - Doubler Plate Repair in Bulk Carrier After Collision Figure 1

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Fatal Fall Into Ballast Tank – Investigation Report

On 28 January 2009, the chief officer on board the UK registered container ship Ville de Mars fell almost 8 m when descending into a water ballast tank (the vessel’s forward ballast tank). The vessel was on passage in the Gulf of Oman. He was removed from the tank by the ship’s crew and died while being flown to a hospital ashore in Oman by a Royal Navy helicopter. The chief officer had been due to leave the vessel the following day in Jebel Ali, UAE. No postmortem was conducted.

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