HIV Among Seafarers

Because of the nature of their work seafarers spend long periods of time away from their families and therefore represent a group at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection. Unsafe sex, drug addiction, or procedures such as tattooing play a relevant role in HIV transmission. HIV cannot be acquired through ordinary occupational and social contact. Due to the fact that nowadays ships spend less time in ports, the crew is rarely allowed to leave the ship. The “tourism element” (including sex tourism) is, thus, rapidly shrinking in contemporary seafaring. Nevertheless, the sex industry in many ports has adapted to recent developments by  introducing “sex catering” or organised visits of sex workers to anchored ships and therefore the risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases still remains.

2012.12.01 - HIV Among Seafarers Figure 1

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SMM 2012 Outcome

The 25th shipbuilding, machinery & marine technology international trade fair hamburg ended on 7 September, after four days of action with 2,100 exhibitors and more than 50,000 trade visitors, including numerous international delegations and representatives from government and the scientific community – the most successful SMM yet. 

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Whale Alert Application for iPhone & iPad

Mariners along the U.S. east coast can now download a new iPad and iPhone application that warns them when they enter areas of high risk of collision with critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. The free Whale Alert app provides one source for information about right whale management measures and the latest data about right whale detections, all overlaid on NOAA digital charts.

Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Posidonia 2012 Outcome

This year the Posidonia Shipping Exhibition has made a great breakthrough in terms of visitors numbers since unofficially the figure exceeds the 18,000 mark. The four days event which proves the strong interest of the global maritime community in Greece which can also be attributed to the constant flow of newbuilding orders by Greek shipowners (14,8% of the worlds’ ship tonnage).

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Posidonia 2012 Opening Ceremony

Posidonia 2012

The world’s premier event in the maritime industry is being hosted for the first time at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens. The exhibition started yesterday and will last until Friday 08 June.

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How to Prepare for a Life Onboard a Merchant Vessel

While surfing the internet for information on how life has changed onboard during the last decades i accidentally found a list, in the gcaptain forum, on how to prepare yourself for a life onboard.

Crew relaxing in cabin

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Fishing Trawler Lost in Japan Tsunami Reaches Canada

According to Canadian officials, a 65-meter Japanese fishing boat that was lost more than a year ago in the tsunami, off the east coast of Japan, has been spotted  278 kilometers off the southern coast of Haida Gwaii islands, approximately 1,500 kilometers north of Vancouver. The “ghost ship” was spotted by a Canadian military air patrol, and it is believed that it has been adrift  since March of the last year.

“It looks fairly sound and has rust streak from being out there for a year,” said Marc Proulx, the maritime coordinator of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Victoria, British Columbia.

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