Posidonia 2012 Outcome

This year the Posidonia Shipping Exhibition has made a great breakthrough in terms of visitors numbers since unofficially the figure exceeds the 18,000 mark. The four days event which proves the strong interest of the global maritime community in Greece which can also be attributed to the constant flow of newbuilding orders by Greek shipowners (14,8% of the worlds’ ship tonnage).

Mr. Theodore Vokos, Project Director of Poshidonia Exhibitions S.A. stated that the estimates regarding the overall increase in visitors numbers was about approximately 10%“. “This achievement can be mainly attributed to shift to the new state-of-the-art Metropolitan Expo venue and the comprehensive programme of specialist seminars and conferences which tackled key shipping issues from piracy to shipbuilding and fleet finance and topics around the prospects of the Greek cruise industry.” Said Mr. Vokos who also revealed that forward bookings look strong since 2012 Posidonia Exhibition unprecedented success compelled many exhibitors to submit participation enquiries and it is expected that the exhibition will grow beyond the 45,000 square metres which was this year’s floor space. Major companies and organizations from the USA, Far East and Europe have already committed their presence in next year’s event which is scheduled from 2-6 June 2014.

To sum up Posidonia was a very positive experience since it managed to gather many people, many shipyards, shipowners and other industry stake holders despite the difficult situation within the shipping industry and within Greece.

Tradewinds in Posidonia 2012

Marshall Islands Registry in Posidonia 2012

Lloyds Register in Posidonia 2012

MAN in Posidonia 2012

Magnetic Autonomous Robotic Crawler (MARC)

Aspida Maritime Security in Posidonia 2012

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