Safety4Sea Forum 2013

The 4th Annual Safety4Sea Forum takes place today in the premises of the Eugenides Foundation in Athens.  Safety4Sea is a  NON PROFIT / PRO BONO event aiming to enhance Safety and Environmental Awareness and promote Best Practices in way of Safety & Environmental Excellence. This year’s program includes subjects such as  Safety, Environment Regulatory Developments, Human Element, STCW, MLC, Security Loss prevention etc.

2013.10.02 - Safety4Sea Forum 2013

Safety4Sea Forum speakers lists contains personalities well know in their field within the shipping industry and each one of them will give a presentation with a subject related to their area of expertise.

  • Apostolos Belokas – Founder & Managing Editor, Best Practices and KPIs to manage Fatigue.
  • Alastair Evitt – General Manager, V.Ships Greece Ltd. KPI Best Practices from Ship Manager Perspective plus your feedback from INTERMANAGER.
  • Apostolos Venizelos – ISM/ISPS/MLC Dept.Supervisor, Hellenic Register of Shipping. MLC 2006 – One month from entry into force.
  • Capt. John Dickie – Secretary General IFSMA, Principal Consultant, JDass and Associates Ltd.
  • Capt.Charis Kanellopoulos – MARE Maritime. Selecting and Using ECDIS.
  • Chris Adams – Steamship Mutual Director, Head of Loss Prevention Department. Grounding Loss Prevention Best Practices.
  • Dorothea Ioannou – Managing Director Piraeus, The American P&I Club. Piracy and the Use of Armed Guards, A Club’s Perspective.
  • Dr Kyrikos Faraklas – LRQA/Marine Business Center Manager, Lloyd’s Register. ISO28007 – Private Maritime Security Company Management Systems Certification.
  • Dr Nikos Ventikos – National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), The Human Element Onboard Ships: Aspects of Behavioral Based Safety (BBS).
  • George Kiourktsoglou – Greenwich Maritime. Recent Anti & Counter Piracy Developments in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Ilias Bissias – University of the Aegean. Crisis Communications; Experience from recent incidents.
  • Jan Fransen – Managing Director, Green Award. Shipping Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Marlon Rono, President – Magsaysay Maritime Corporation. MLC Challenges from the perspective of the Crew Manager.
  • Mauricio M. Garrido – President, T&T Salvage LLC. Safety Regulations vs Best Practice: The Salvor’s perspective.
  • Panos G Moraitis – Managing Director, Aspida Maritime Security.
  • Rod Lingard – Hellas Manager, UK P&I Club. Best Practices in Loss Prevention.
  • Thanos Theocharis – Regulatory Affairs European Liaison, Marshall Islands Registry. MLC Regulatory Update & Feedback.

The event is organized by SQE Marine Group and sponsored by

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