Paris MoU PSC Annual Report for 2012

According to Paris MoU Annual Report for 2012 Thailand and the United States of America moved from the “Grey List” to the “White List”. Syrian Arab Republic and Ukraine moved from the “Black List” to the “Grey List”. There are now 45 flags on the “White List”, 2 more compared with last year. France is now leading the list, followed by Germany and Hong Kong. Several flags have made a significant move upwards on the “White List” in the top 10: France, Hong Kong (China), Greece, Norway and Bahamas. Other flags have made a significant move downwards in the “White List” and are no longer in the top 10: United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Singapore.

2013.09.18 - Paris MoU Annual Report for 2012 Figure 1

The best performing RO over the period 2010-2012 is the American Bureau of Shipping followed by Det Norske Veritas and Lloyds Register. Germanischer Lloyd has dropped out of the top 5 and has been replaced by Korean Register.

The worst performing RO is Phoenix Register of Shipping (PH.R.S), located in Piraeus, in Greece. The combination of Sierra Leone and Phoenix Register of Shipping resulted in a 41% detention rate. The Republic of Moldova with Dromon Bureau of Shipping scored a 33% detention rate, followed by Saint Kitts and Nevis and International Register of Shipping with 12%.

The introduction of the New Inspection Regime during 2011 had an impact on the 2012 figures. A decrease in total number of inspections has continued, as well as the total number of deficiencies. Compared to 2011 the detention percentage has stabilized on 3.6%. Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom contribute most to the overall inspection efforts in terms of percentage.

In 2012 a total of 15 ships were banned. 5 less compared with last year. Multiple detentions was the most common reason for banning in 2012.

With 1,090 inspections and 114 detentions the ships flying a:

  • “black listed flag“ score a detention rate of 10.46%
  • “grey listed flag” the detention rate is 6.39% (1,017 inspections, 65 detentions)
  • “white listed flag” 2.99% (16,092 inspections and 482 detentions)

CIC 2012 Fire Safety Systems

In the period from 1 September 2012 to 30 November 2012 a Concentrated Inspection Campaign was carried out on Fire Safety Systems.

The CIC questionnaire was completed during 4,014 inspections resulting in:

  • a total of 1,958 CIC-related deficiencies were recorded
  • 103 ships (2.6%) detained for CIC-related deficiencies

The Concentrated Inspection Campaign problem areas included fire pumps and its pipes, fire fighting equipment and appliances, and the fire control plan.

During the campaign most inspections concerned general cargo/multipurpose ships with 1,347 (34%) inspections, followed by bulk carriers with 766 (19%) inspections, container ships with 422 (11%) inspections, chemical tankers with 343 (9%) inspections and oil tankers with 308 (8%) inspections. The inspections also showed that:

  • 59 (57%) of the ships detained for CIC-related deficiencies were general cargo/multipurpose ships
  • 14 (14%) were bulk carriers
  • 9 container ships
  • 4 offshore supply ships
  • 4 Ro-Ro cargo ships

51% of the detained ships were 30 years or older.

Basic PSC Figures for 2012

2013.09.18 - Paris MoU Annual Report for 2012 Figure 2

HRS, SRS and LRS Inspections per Member State

2013.09.18 - Paris MoU Annual Report for 2012 Figure 3

PSC Inspections & Detentions per Ship Type for 2012

2013.09.18 - Paris MoU Annual Report for 2012 Figure 4

Major Categories of Deficiencies 2010-2012

2013.09.18 - Paris MoU Annual Report for 2012 Figure 5

Extensive information about PSC statistical figure for the PSC of the Paris MoU can be found in the Paris MoU PSC Annual Report for 2012.

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