Tanker Grounded Near Aegna Estonia

A Bahamian flagged tanker ran aground on a shoal to the east of Aegna island at 6:55 on Monday morning. According to officials there is no threat of pollution or danger to the 24-member crew of the Kyeema Spirit, which was not carrying cargo. The tanker had been leaking bilge water, but the leakage has now been stopped.

An anti-pollution vessel and three tugboats were deployed to the site. Their crews are now waiting for the weather to improve so that they can begin towing the tanker out of the shallow. The government committee investigating the case has classified it as a “very serious accident”. There has so far been no indication of a technical failure.  That evaluation may change as the investigation continues, which officials said could take as long as months and would include an analysis of information from the freighter’s video surveillance system, according to a statement from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication.

Officials also said that bad weather could have played a role in the crash, with a wind speed of 16-18 meters per second when the incident occured. The Estonian Maritime Administration said its traffic control center had observed the vessel and warned its crew repeatedly before the ship was grounded.

The Location where the incident took place

Source: Police and Border Guard Board

Source: ERR

Update 1: Sep. 25 2012

The ship was tugged to a mooring east of the island, which is 14 kilometers north of Tallinn. Although the operation went smoothly, without threat of pollution, two anti-pollution vessels will continue to stand by. The rescue operation began with rescuers installing barriers along the island’s shoreline and around the ship to protect against potential pollution.

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting

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