Crew Members Missing After Ship Collision in Japan

The Japanese Coast Guard is searching for 13 crew members which went missing from a fishing boat after it collided with a larger cargo ship in Japan’s Pacific Ocean. The 13 missing members of the fishing boat were part of a 22-man crew on board the 119-ton Horiei Maru. The fishing boat collided with the 25,000-ton Nikkei Tiger about 900 kilometres east of Sendai at 2.30am last Sunday morning.

According to the Shiogama Coast Guard a smaller ship, a tuna-fishing boat, might have also sunk. The Coast Guard dispatched two planes to scan the area for any survivors.

From the 22 crew of the fishing boat 9 managed to survive and have been rescued after the Coast Guard responded to their distress call. Five of them are Japanese and four Indonesian. Of the 13 missing crew, 12 are Japanese, and one is Indonesian. The Coast Guard is continuously looking the area for them. The Panama flagged cargo ship on the other hand was undamaged and its 21 crew were safe.

The bow of the sunken fishing boat was spotted in the water at around 4:40 a.m., unfortunately the coast guard aircraft could not trace the boat later.

Until now it is not clear what might have caused the accident.

The area where the collision between the Fishing Boat-Horiei Maru and the Cargo Ship-Nikkei Tiger took place

The Cargo Ship Nikkei Tiger

Sources: Daily Mail, News on Japan

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