Situation Awareness and Safety in Offshore Drill Crews

The following information is a summary from a paper published a few years ago the University of Aberdeen by Anne Sneddon, Kathryn Mearns, Rhona Flin. The paper deals with the subject of situation awareness and safety in offshore drill crews and presents a review of situation awareness in drilling incidents and results from interviews with oil and gas industry drilling personnel regarding situation awareness in this environment.

2013.10.10 - Situation Awareness and Safety in Offshore Drill Crews

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Increasing Safety through Cognition

This month OGP’s Human factors Sub-Committee (HFSC) released a report on its website based on a study regarding the cognitive issues that are associated with safety and environmental incidents within the oil and gas industry.

Regarding safety issues it should be understood that engineering solutions alone may not be enough to prevent hazardous occurrences, no matter how well designed an engineering system may be. The role that human resources play in the operation of any safety-system is often critical and it requires significant support as well as knowledge and understanding of safety issues. OGP’s study direction is towards a better understanding of the psychological basis of human performance which is critical for safety systems performance, their operation as well as their future improvement.

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