Singapore Shipyard Fire Accident

A fire broke out at a shipyard in Jurong at about 9.20pm Tuesday. Search-and-rescue work is under way for three people missing. According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) put out the fire at 4.30am Wednesday. The fire had started on a tug boat and spread to three adjacent tug boats at Tanoto Shipyard at Jalan Samulun.

2013.03.27 - Singapore Shipyard Fire Accident Figure 1

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Singapore Authorities Arrest Ships for Unpaid Debt

Two vessels have been arrested by Singapore authorities due to debts of around $4.7 million. The vessels were belonging to Italian shipping firm Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini Armatori SPA (RBD Armatori). The first vessel was the 109,000-deadweight tonne crude oil tanker, Adele Marina Rizzo, and the second the 178,000-tonne dry bulk carrier, Cavaliere Grazia Bottiglieri.

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