Greek Economy and Shipping

Torm Sells Product Tankers to Oaktree

As part of TORM’s 2012 Restructuring Agreement, Oaktree exercised its option rights for repayment of a related debt from TORM, leading to a sale of ten MR and three LR2 product tankers.

2014.03.07 - Torm Sells Product Tankers to Oaktree

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The Year of the Horse and the Importance of the Asian Market

The Spring Festival celebrations are over and the Year of the Horse has been well and truly welcomed in, but our thoughts remain with Asia and the importance of the Asian shipping business, both globally as well as in the Isle of Man.

2014.02.18 - The Year of the Horse and the Importance of the Asian Market

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Get a Social Media Strategy

Nowadays one cannot deny the widespread use of social media and the fact that they have find their way even in the Maritime Industry. Mark Clark, Director of Navigate Response wrote an interesting article regarding how social media can be used for the benefit of a shipping company. So you don’t work for a major shipping company, and you don’t have several thousand pounds to spend on large broadsheet adverts which showed your non existent links to the Olympic Games? Panic not, there is still hope to get the message out that you ship short sea aggregates from the UK to Europe, or run reefer ships to the West Coast of Africa, and are looking to build your customer base.

2013.01.17 - Get a social Media Strategy - Advice for Beginners

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