Incident Information on Broken Rudderstock due to Corrosion Fatigue

This incident refers to a broken rudderstock due to corrosion fatigue. While at sea, the steering failed to respond. Investigations revealed that the rudder was not ίn the position as indicated by the rudder angle indicator on the bridge and in the steering gear room. An underwater inspection was carried out and the rudder was found to have an angle of 90 degrees to port. The rudder was temporarily secured, and the vessel was subsequent!y towed to the port for close-up inspection in dry-dock and for permanent repairs.

2013.08.16 - Incident Information on Broken Rudderstock due to Corrosion Fatigue Figure 1

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Damage to Steering Gear

A vessel had reported steering failure at sea and was boarded by port state control upon arrival. The steering gear was inspected without any findings and the vessel was allowed to proceed. The class was not informed. Whilst sailing half ahead on a river, the rudder suddenly blocked in a position nearly hard to starboard. The vessel touched the riverbank and stopped. All parts of the steering gear (machinery and bridge) were inspected by the crew and found in order. The captain and the pilot decided to continue the voyage, however, the problem reoccurred and the vessel ran aground again!

2013.03.15 - Damage to Steering Gear Figure 1

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