Use of Armed Security Guards in Indian Ports

The issue of using armed security guards onboard merchant vessels used to be a matter that required particular attention in the past. However, during the recent years and due to the fact that the maritime security industry became more regulated (e.g. ISO/PAS 28007:2012) the use of privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) onboard ships has become a routine.

2015.07.21 - Use of Armed Security Guards in Indian Ports

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Environmental Port Management – ESPO Tools and Certification

The subject of ports is very important along with the ships because if ports and ships do not work together, they will sink together. It is true that there is too much legislation; there are many legal aspects that both ports and ships face. They have to comply with all these International, European, National and Regional legislation and at the same time to invest in Research and Environmental Improvement and to have good relations with neighbours, local authorities and NGOs. All these result in higher costs for ports and inevitably the environment becomes a competitive factor.

2013.07.18 - Environmental Port Management - ESPO Tools and Certification Figure 1

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Rotterdam Energy Port

Reduced Berthing Times Could Save Money to Shipping Companies

Last November the Load Star published a very interesting article regarding an analysis from shipping consultancy SeaIntel on how Shipping lines could save millions of dollars in fuel costs if time spent in ports was decreased by even the most marginal amounts.

2013.02.05 - Reduced Berthing Times Could Save Money to Companies

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