Offshore Well Blowout – Investigation Report

A blowout occurred on a Well during the period from May 9 to May 18, 2001, after the 13⅜–inch surface casing was cemented. The mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) was cantilevered over “Platform A.” The plan called for the well to be directionally drilled with a drift angle of approximately 55 degrees. On May 8, 2001, after the 13⅜-inch surface casing was cemented, a slight flow was noted coming from the annulus between the surface casing and the 18⅝-inch conductor casing. The diverter was closed and pressure started increasing on the annulus. Valves and piping were rigged up to the 18⅝-inch A section to permit monitoring of pressure and transport of fluids to and from the annulus. Throughout the night of May 8 and through 0730 hrs on May 10, unsuccessful attempts were made to bleed off the annular pressure.

2013.04.15 - Offshore Well Blowout Figure 1

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