UK Government Support to the Maritime Sector

UK Government announced yesterday its intention to increase funding for training and a cross-departmental approach to policy – following a summit of shipping industry leaders hosted by the Prime Minister to discuss UK competitiveness – at the start of London International Shipping Week. This made evident the support of the UK Government to the maritime sector.

2013.09.10 - UK Government Support to the Maritime Sector

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Questionnaire on Maritime Training Quality

If you are a seafarer, tutor, lecturer, trainer, training manager, ship manager or ship owner, then you could help GlobalMET in collecting information and opinions on the quality of maritime education and training by completed one of the three questionnaires that can be found HERE. The purpose of these questionnaires is to gain a clearer insight into maritime education and training standards and perceptions. The intended output from this questionnaire and further research will be a best-practice guidance document based upon the OCIMF tanker management self-assessment model.

Sources: IMAREST