UK Government Support to the Maritime Sector

UK Government announced yesterday its intention to increase funding for training and a cross-departmental approach to policy – following a summit of shipping industry leaders hosted by the Prime Minister to discuss UK competitiveness – at the start of London International Shipping Week. This made evident the support of the UK Government to the maritime sector.

2013.09.10 - UK Government Support to the Maritime Sector

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin stated that the yearly budget (£12 million/year) of the government called ‘Support for Maritime Training (SMarT)’ programme will be increased up to £3 million a year, which corresponds to a 25% increase, supporting in that way  an additional 200 trainees per year.

Apart from the above the UK Government and Maritime UK published a booklet called  ‘Open for maritime business’ with the aim of showcasing the depth of expertise and history offered by the UK across a full spectrum of maritime services. These actions make it clear that UK targets aim in maintaining a vibrant, quality and sustainable shipping industry the years to come.

The President of the UK Chamber of Shipping, Kenneth MacLeod, stated:

“This is a clear vote of confidence from Government on the ability of the maritime sector to create UK jobs. UK shipping supports 190,000 UK jobs and the wider maritime sector supports 540,000 jobs. UK employment has grown 6% since 2009.

“I started my career as a junior rating on a ship’s galley and I know first-hand that giving young people more opportunities to work at sea is vital to the continuing success of our maritime economy. As a result of today’s announcement, more young people will have the chance to follow in my footsteps and build a career in global trade.”

The Director-General of the UK Chamber of Shipping, Mark Brownrigg, stated among others:

“The Strategic Partnership Plans announced by Government today show real confidence in the maritime services sector and its continuing growth. The sector is already worth up to £32bn per year to the economy and is steadily growing. The full spectrum of maritime services provides 540,000 jobs. The UK is at the heart of the world’s maritime business and we will continue to work with Government to build a strong future.”

Source: UK Chamber of Shipping

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