Quality Criteria for HazMat Expert Parties Involved in IHM and HazMat Surveys

The environmental hot topics in shipping industry these days are the emissions of ships, the ballast water management and the third one which is the one to be analysed below, is the Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Life Cycle Management and Recycling. Although the Hong Kong Convention is not yet in force as it is known, there is a lot of experience collected from Germanischer Lloyd classification society, in scope of the quality criteria for HazMat Expert parties involved and the HazMat Surveys.

2013.08.15 - Quality Criteria for HazMat Expert Parties Involved in IHM and HazMat Surveys Figure 1

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Ship Recycling Developments

While ship recycling topic suggests the end of life cycle of ships, it is in fact related to the whole life cycle of the ship. Some aspects to be considered in ship recycling are the legislative background, practical experience gained and the risks that stakeholders might face.

2013.06.13 - Ship Recycling Developments Figure 1

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IMO MEPC 64 Decisions Summary

The IMO MEPC held its 64th Session at IMO from Monday 1 through Friday 5 October with a high attendance of about 900 delegates. A Review Group on Ballast Water matters was formed together with 3 Working Groups on the subjects of Ship Recycling, Technical Co-Operation and Transfer of Technology, also Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency. In addition, 2 Drafting Groups studied Amendments to the IBC Code and Interpretations/Reports of sub-committees. Finally, an informal Technical Group met out-of-hours to report on the Saba Bank PSSA. The next MEPC meeting is scheduled during May 2013.

2013.01.30 - IMO MEPC 64 Decisions Summary

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