Seaman Killed Due to Rescue Boat Hook Failure – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to an accident that took place during a drill with the vessel’s rescue boat. When the second of the two crewmembers entered the boat at the embarkation level, the jaw end of a swivel connected to the rescue boat’s hook failed due to a damaged split pin, and the boat fell approximately 18 meters to the sea with the two crewmembers on board. One able seaman (AB) was killed instantly when the boat hit the water. The other crewmember was severely injured but with the prospects of a full recovery.

2013.11.11 - Seaman Killed Due to Rescue Boat Hook Failure - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Incident Information on Lifeboat Drill Near Casualty

During a lifeboat drill at sea in good weather conditions, the starboard lifeboat was lowered to the embarkation deck. In this operation the top link of the forward chain for the connection between the davit floating block and the hook on the lifeboat parted, such that the entire load from the lifeboat was transferred to the aft hook/chain. As the aft chain could not withstand the excessive weight, the lifeboat accidentally dropped to the sea.

2013.09.20 - Incident Information on Lifeboat Drill Near Casualty Figure 1

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