Roughneck Crushed from Falling Container – Incident Investigation

During a lifting operation in connection with offloading of a vessel, a roughneck was crushed between a container hanging in a crane hook and a row of containers on the cargo deck. At the time, he was in a position which made it impossible to escape the cargo.

2013.09.09 - Roughneck Crushed from Falling Container - Incident Investigation Figure 1

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Fatality Caused by Crane Trolley End Stop Onboard Cargo Ship – Investigation Report

This accident investigation report refers to the fatal crush of a boatswain between the end stop for the crane’s trolley and the railings up on the walkway as the crane’s outriggers were swung in. None of the other persons who were up on the crane at the time of the accident observed the incident, but the ship’s management was notified as soon as it became clear that the boatswain had been crushed and first aid measures were implemented immediately. The ship’s management also called for medical personnel from ashore, who arrived quickly. Despite the steps taken, it was not possible to save the boatswain’s life.

2013.06.17 - Investigation Report on Fatality Caused by Crane Trolley End Stop onboard Cargo Ship Figure 1

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Occupational Injury Onboard Offshore Platform – Investigation Report

During activities on the drill floor, a person suffered crushing injuries to the chest and abdomen while working on an access platform on the roof of the driller’s cabin. The incident occurred on 28 February 2009 on a mobile facility. The work being done was installation of a fastening device on the grating on the driller’s cabin at the same time as an LRA (lower racking arm) was used to prepare the core drill string for the next well operation. The injury occurred as the person was crushed between the railing on the access platform and the back of the LRA being operated.

2013.05.06 - Occupational Injury Onboard Offshore Platform Figure 1

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