INTERTANKO Paper on Chemical Tanker Safety Data Sheets

During last April INTERTANKO, in collaboration with industry stakeholders including shipowner representatives and organisations representing shippers (IPTA, CDI, CEFIC, DGAC), has worked on and put together an information paper on the requirements for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Chemical Tankers. A summary of this paper is presented in this article.

2013.06.18 - INTERTANKO Paper on Chemical Tanker Safety Data Sheets

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Chemicals in Containers

The problem of hazardous chemicals in shipping containers has become a topic of major concern over the last 10 years. The combination of sealed containers and long journey times means that hazardous chemicals can build to a level that would never normally be encountered in domestic or industrial settings. The problem is exacerbated by the massive variety in chemicals involved, the origin of many containers in countries with less strict health and safety controls, and the often poor documentation accompanying the containers.

2013.02.19 - Chemicals in Containers

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