Memoirs of a Seaman

The following video is the “trailer” of a book to be published recording the memoirs of a Greek seaman. Capt. Nicholas Raissis memoirs are an ode to the simple things in life. Onboard and onshore he tells his story of achievements and failures, heroic times and moments of personal humiliation with wit and honesty. Capt. Nicholas nephew Panayotis Raissis is publishing the autobiography of Captain N.H. Raissis, a hard man who sailed the world for 40 years and lived to tell the tale. Anyone wanting to support the campaign of  publishing the memoirs of Capt. Nicholas can find more information in


  1. Men will keep sailing the seas to tell of tales and lessons that those on land will never hear and learn. And those who has passed on will have their legacies preserved. We gotta need the tales while we keep sailing on towards the horizon.

  2. Peter says:

    thank you Tom
    find out more about this @

  3. It is not penmanship or his life events that give the story of Cpt Niklas it’s immense value. His memoirs are a sign. Among the clearest signs to human happiness that I ‘ve seen that only compares in clarity to the ‘what makes us happy TED’ conference.

    The later accumulates and presents the now indisputable academic research supported facts on what makes us humans happy. The former shows from a first person perspective a tormented life and the inner journey to happiness.. Guess what , both accounts refer to the same things and are in agreement.

    Happiness is about the little things in life , the things we persistently and repeatedly fail to see , because they always have been there .
    And that is how cpt Nikolas wanted to help other people. To share with the people his long and hard acquired wisdom drawn from his painful mistakes , his redemption and the direction to personal happiness . I felt that his amazing life story made me wiser and more human .

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