Increased Collision And Grounding Risk in Chittagong

Gard released an alert today regarding increased collision and grounding risks in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The dragging of anchor due to strong underwater current at the outer anchorage, is a common occurrence. There have been cases where vessels attempting to cross the bow of an anchored vessel at close range have been involved in collisions.

Common factors behind the incidents include incorrect use of anchoring space and underestimating local conditions such as wind, tides and currents.

Furthermore, spring tides at the outer anchorage of the area are very strong and may be even stronger during river floods. As such, a ship at anchor can be quite vulnerable if the holding ground is fair and the anchorage is exposed to high winds. Such conditions may cause the vessel to yaw wildly about the anchor and break the anchor out of the sea bed.

Gard recommends apart from an effective anchor watch and the use of all available means to determine the risk of collision and dragging of anchor, the following:

  • Masters should not anchor southward of Patenga Lighthouse with a bearing of less than 055° and should observe Admiralty Notices describing the areas where it is prohibited to anchor and the proposed anchorages.
  • The engines should be kept ready at all times during spring tides.

Source: Gard

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