Two Ships Grounded Due to Storm in Spain

Due to last week heavy storm that took place in Spain the 118 meter long containtership Celia and the 113 meter cargo ship BSLE Sunrise went aground near Valencia, Spain. Both vessels had been at anchor when a strong storm struck causing the anchors to drag until both ships were on the beach.

The containership Celia, anchored off Valencia for about a week and the  BSL Sunrise was scheduled to travel to Turkey from Valencia.

No reports of damage,  injuries or pollution released. Several tugs were on scene to pull the vessels off the beach.  Reports state  initial attempts to refloat the vessels were unsuccessful. Crew from both ships is safe.

Update 1: Oct. 18 2012

Costs are soaring as salvage teams fight to refloat Maersk’s 6,264-ton Celia and the 5,988-ton general cargo ship BSLE Sunrise. Salvage operations have exceeded EUR 250,000 (US$ 327,331).

Salvors have been digging trenches, reports Lloyds List Intelligence, adding that the dredger Los Olivillos has removed 7,200 cubic metres of sand. Trenches are said to be 150 metres long, 30 metres wide and 5.5 metres deep.

Update 2: Oct. 25 2012

A last attempt succeeded early start to ‘Celia’ from the clutches of the sandy beach of Saler. At dawn (1.20 am) the “Celia” was driven slowly to the Port of Valencia, where it will remain to assess the damage and resolve the pending investigation on how its crew lost control of the vessel during the storm of Sept. 28.

Update 3: Nov. 02 2012

The ship “BSLE Sunrise” was refloated last night from Saler beach and taken to the port of Valencia, according to Harbour Master.

Source: Shipwreck Log, SeaNews Turkey

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