Arctic’s Geopolitical Importance

The following interview, exclusively published by Route Magazinecovers some very important and interesting aspects of Arctic affairs. Alexandre Latsa, French expert in geopolitics, author of Putin’s New Russia and RIA Novosti News Agency contributor, analyzes the business prospects of the Northern Sea Route and assesses the possibility of Russia’s 2013 Arctic claim approval by the United Nations Commission on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

2013.03.26 - Arctic's Geopolitical Importance Figure 1

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Russia Draws up Business Plan to Revive the Northern Sea Route

The Northern Sea Route (NSR) gradually becomes an important transport corridor: latest navigation season set a new record in the number of vessels. The Russian energy giant Gazprom successfully completed world’s first LNG supply via the route. What are the economic reasons behind this ambitious project?

2013.03.15 - Russia Draws up Business Plan to Revive the Northern Sea Route Figure 1

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