Hydrocarbon Leak from Well Flexible Riser – Investigation Report

This investigation report refers to a hydrocarbon leak which occurred from a well flexible riser during a planned shutdown on Visund on 9 April 2011. Oil film and gas bubbles were observed in the sea near the production risers on the east side of the facility.

2013.07.29 - Hydrocarbon Leak from Well Flexible Riser - Investigation Report Figure 1

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Riser Disconnect and Blowout – Incident Investigation

This accident investigation report refers to the accidental riser disconnect and subsequent uncontrolled flow during drilling operations which occurred on Mississippi Canyon Block 538 in February 2000. The Ocean Concord (semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit) was in the process of running a liner on drill pipe when the lower marine riser package (LMRP) was inadvertently disconnected from the blowout preventer (BOP) stack. The disconnect resulted in the discharge to the sea of approximately 806 barrels of synthetic mud from the riser and 150 barrels of synthetic mud and 150-200 barrels of crude oil from the wellbore.

2013.07.08 - Riser Disconnect and Blowout - Incident Investigation Figure 1

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