Grounding of Chinese Cargo Vessel – Investigation Report

This incident investigation report refers to the grounding of Chinese registered Cargo Ship. At 2220 on 7 May 2011, the Chinese registered river-trade cargo vessel Zhong Fu Fa Zhan departed the loading berth at Tseung Kwan O, in Junk Bay, Hong Kong after loaded a cargo of 2,200 tonnes of soil for discharge in Taishan, China. The weather was fine and the visibility was good. The navigation equipment and main engines were in normal working condition. The Master was on duty alone in the bridge after departure. The Chief Officer took over the watch from the Master at 0000 on 8 May 2011, also alone at the bridge. At about 0031 and 0032 on 8 May 2011, the Chief Officer made a report to VTC by radio. About 40 seconds later, the ship ran aground on the shoal of Adamasta Rock in North Cheung Chau Traffic Separation Scheme while the Chief Officer was making entries into ship log book.

2014.01.26 - Grounding of Chinese Cargo Vessel - Investigation Report Figure 1

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