Mobile App by KRS

The Korean Register of Shipping (KRS) has become one of the first classification societies to go mobile with the launch of a brand new app called “SMART Fleet”.

Key information delivered on the move, direct to the phone includes:

  • Fleet lists, survey status, reports and schedules
  • A complete vessel register
  • Classification rules
  • PSC detentions, checklists and reports
  • Technical information
  • Publications and survey guidelines

Source: KRS

ITF Releases Mobile Apps

The ITF launched the previous month a series of free apps for seafarers. The Look up a Ship app will enable seafarers and charterers to look at basic information about the vessel they are sailing on, intend to sail on or are considering chartering. It will show the ship name, International Maritime Organization (IMO) number, where it is flagged, and whether or not it has an ITF agreement, and the status of any agreement. It will also show the latest crew list summary and ITF Inspection details.

2013.04.17 - ITF Releases Mobile Apps to Aid Seafarers

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