Major LPG Leak from Gas Carrier – Investigation Report

On 17 October 2006, the Hong Kong registered gas carrier Ennerdale experienced a major leak of liquefied propane, while cargo sampling operations were taking place, alongside Fawley Marine Terminal (FMT). The leak was sealed 29 hours later, after an estimated 66 tonnes of propane had been lost to atmosphere.

2013.01.21 - Major LPG Leak from Gas Carrier Figure 1

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Crewmen Die After Inhaling Gas Onboard LPG Carrier

Five crewmen died died after inhaling gas leaking from a chamber of the vessel. The vessel was the 35,559-cbm LPG carrier Maharshi Krishnatreya of Varun Shipping. The incident took place in India. Another seafarer was airlifted to hospital in the town, where he was said to be in a serious condition on a ventilator. The vessel was manned by 20 seafarers in total.

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Moore Stephens OpCost Report 2012

Moore Stephens annual OpCost report for the financial year of 2011 has been released this month. According to OpCost 2012 report the total annual operating costs in the shipping industry have been increased by an average 2.1% in 2011. This compares with the 2.2% average rise in costs recorded for the previous year. Crew costs were the main reason for the overall increase in 2011, a 3.3% overall increase in 2011 crew costs compared to the 2010 figure has been reported. Insurance fell for the second year in succession.

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