KPI Best practices from a Ship Manager’s Perspective

There are many different definitions for a Ship Manager so it might be interesting to look at what a Ship Manager really is and it does not matter if the Ship Manager is an in-house manager or a third-party manager, but the integrated components of ship management are what really matters. Management translates market rate and days into profit and good management maximizes those profits or to put it simply, good Ship management transfers charters into dollars.

2013.11.07 - KPI Best practices from a Ship Manager's Perspective

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Intermanager on Ship Officer Qualifications

Ship officer qualifications should be regarded as the equivalent of a university degree in the opinion of InterManager president Alastair Evitt. That would help a great deal in improving the public image of shipping and encouraging more young people to choose a career at sea. The industry’s reputation has taken a dent as a result of the Costa Concordia caualty, Mr Evitt acknowledged, with the fact that 99% of all cargo arrives safely never making the news.

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