Cruise Ship Company Fined for Crewman’s Death

According to an AMSA media release, a cruise ship company has been fined $180,000 following the death of a crewman after he was trapped by a powered door while working on the vessel in 2009. The company was found to be non-compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety (Maritime  Industry) Act 1993 in Cairns Magistrates Court on Tuesday 30 October. It was also non-compliant with the Navigation Act 1912 and the Code of Safe Working Practice for Australian Seafarers.

2012.12.12 - Cruise Ship Company Fined for Crewman's Death

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Costa Concordia Salvage Operations

An American-owned specialist marine salvage and wreck removal company Titan Salvage alongside with Italian firm Micoperi have been awarded a Costa Concordia wreck removal contract in April. Together they presented a plan to refloat and tow away the cruise ship to one of the Italian ports where she will likely be scrapped. According to Carnival Cruise the salvage plan is the world’s biggest and most complex ship salvage operation and it will cost at least 400 million euros ($525 million).

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