Rise of the “Third Umpire” in the Shipping Industry

To understand the significance of a third umpire in the shipping industry one must first understand what brought about the advent of the third umpire in games such as cricket, tennis, rugby, soccer, etc. In the game of cricket there usually were two umpires on the field who make decisions on the game as it progresses.

2015.07.13 -  Rise of the Third Umpire in the Shipping Industry

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DNV and GL Merger

During the End of 2012 GL and DNV announced their agreement to merge. The new entity will be called DNV GL Group. The merge will create the third-largest certification, inspection and testing business for industries such as shipping, oil and gas, and renewable energy. Its global headquarters will be at Høvik outside of Oslo. The merger may be effective by the second quarter.

2013.02.20 - DNV and GL Merger

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Equasis 2011 Annual Report Published

Last week Equasis published its annal report for 2011. Equasis is populated with data from most of the world’s merchant ships. Basic ship particulars are derived from the commercial database of IHS Fairplay. Equasis is fed by 45 data providers which can be divided into six categories: core ship and company data, PSC regimes, classification societies, P&I clubs, associations or vetting programs and other international organisations. Almost all these sources are used in this document to a greater or lesser extent.

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