UN Court Halts Japan’s Antarctic Whaling

The UN International Court of Justice ordered Japan on 31 March to stop whale hunting, thus dismissing the argument used by Japan that the hunting was being made for scientific purposes.

2014.04.01 - UN Court Halts Japan's Antarctic Whaling

According to International Court of Justice’s Judge Peter Tomka Japan shall revoke any existent authorization, permit or license granted in relation to JARPA II (the research program under which whaling was made possible) and refrain from granting any further permits in pursuance to the program.

The decision by the UN Court puts a stop to the Japanese program that has captured minke and other whales each year in the Southern Ocean.

The Australian government was the one that challenged the Japanese JAPRA II whaling program in the International Court of Justice, leading to the decision taken this Monday.

The UN Court decision can be found by clicking HERE.

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