Kidnappings Surge in Gulf of Guinea

Recently there is an increased threat of crew kidnap in the Gulf of Guinea with two new attacks on vessels taking place within a single week having also Nigerian-flagged vessels targeted by pirates and kidnapping six crew members.

2014.03.08 - Kidnappings Surge in Gulf of Guinea

MV Prince Joseph 1 was attacked offshore Akwa Ibom state on 04 March 2014 and after that another attack on MV Asha Deep followed.

These attacks represent the largest surge over a three month period. The criminals’ activities range across a wide area, from the seas off Nigeria to those off Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

The “pirates” are using estuaries and the rivers system of the Niger Delta as a cover in order to conduct their operations and capture their victims. Usually in these attacks the senior officers of the crew are targeted since the ransom for them is usually higher. Pirates have also struck beyond the shores of Nigeria in the last three months with kidnaps of crew members from vessels in the seas off Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

More information about the recent surge on kidnap incidents in Gulf of Guinea can be found by clicking HERE.

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