Davit Snapped During Lifeboat Drill

On lowering the starboard lifeboat during preparation for survey on behalf of a Maritime administration, the forward attachment to the davit snapped when the lifeboat was lowered. The lifeboat remained hanging vertically by the aft wire only. The aft deck of the lifeboat was found to be fractured in way of the connection to the falls.

2013.05.31 - Casualty During Lifeboat Drill Figure 1

It was found that an impregnated rope had been wound around the forward and aft wire end points fixed to the davit for corrosion protection. Thus a possible loosening of clamps could not be seen during inspection of the wire falls prior to lowering boat. The impregnated rope was removed after the incident and an additional clamp was installed.

2013.05.31 - Casualty During Lifeboat Drill Figure 2

The Maritime administration allowed the vessel to sail with an exemption certificate, provided that additional life rafts and immersion suits were in place, until a lifeboat could be put on board.

The following is applicable for all ships that are required to have lifeboats on board:

  • Corrosion protection coverage of critical checkpoint such as clamps on wires should preferably not be used. If used, the protected area shall be uncovered and checked before lowering the lifeboat during drills, inspections or surveys.
  • It is recommended that lifeboats are lowered without person in the lifeboats and boarding is carried out after the boat has been lowered. 

Source: DNV

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