Facilitation Payments During PSC Inspections

At the Tokyo MoU’s Port State Control Committee meeting held in Singapore during late January, INTERTANKO put over the growing concern from Members that facilitation payments are becoming more commonplace during ship inspections.

2013.03.13 - Facilitation Payments During PSC Inspections

INTERTANKO’s Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Tim Wilkins focused on the information which has been obtained from Members through the Port State Control Inspection Feedback Forms (PSCIFF) noting that 11% of reports stated that the PSC inspector had proposed the issuance of an improved report in return for payment.

While there was little opportunity for discussion during the meeting, it was clear that the facilitation payment issue raised by INTERTANKO was one that needed further attention by the PSC Committee. In particular, it was commented that it was time to begin sharing more details regarding this 11% of incidents with the relevant MoUs in an open manner.

By way of background, INTERTANKO has, through its ‘Port State Control Inspection Feedback Form (PSCIFF)’, provided its Members with a means of reporting these concerns regarding PSC Inspections.

In addition to the above INTERTANKO’s general comments at the meeting included

  • the need for harmonised standards and training of inspectors
  • a global approach to inspection and targeting criteria
  • the need for the mutual sharing and recognition of inspection information across different MoUs
  • consistency regarding Clear Grounds for Detention
  • standardised procedures for independent Detention Appeals


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