Explosion on Tanker Harbour Crystal Southwest of Cape Espichel

The ship was adrift 13 miles southwest of Cape Espichel with 8000 tons tons of naphtha, a petroleum derivative. The ship had a crew of 18 on board. The explosion occurred at 8:12 a.m. for reasons still unknown in the area of ​​the bow of the ship. One Filipino was missing since. At 8:34 a.m., the Centre for Maritime Search and Rescue (MRCC Lisbon) was alerted.

2013.03.07 - Explosion on Tanker Southwest of Cape Espichel Figure 1

In the early afternoon the fire has been extinguished. The risk of environmental accidents was minimal. Two Svitzer tugs “Svitzer Leixoes” and “Svitzer Sines” reached the “Harbour Crystal”  during March 6.

The tanker was being accompanied by the corvette “Jacinto Cândido” of the Portuguese Navy, a lifeboat of the station Sesimbra, an Air Force EH101 helicopter and two merchant ships. Between 12.20 and 2 p.m. a C-295 aircraft of PAF replaced the EH-101 Merlin helicopter. Also a P3C Orion aircraft was dispatched.

2013.03.07 - Explosion on Tanker Southwest of Cape Espichel Figure 2

The Portuguese Navy issued a warning that the tanker has to stay 12 miles from shore. The Portuguese Navy was considering sending teams of the Directorate General for Natural Resources, Security and Maritime Services and the Directorate-General for Maritime Authority, to make technical inspections on board. The waves on scene were four feet high.

Photos credit: Marinha, Publico

Sources: Sea News Turkey, Vesseltracker

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