Monthly Piracy Report February 2013

All information presented below are retrieved from ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) and IMO Global Integrated Shipping Information System. Information are being updated on a monthly basis.

  • Total Attacks Worldwide: 43
  • Total Hijackings Worldwide: 3
  • Vessels held by Somali Pirates: 7
  • Hostages held by Somali Pirates: 113

2013.02.28 - Monthly Piracy Report February 2013

For a geographical representation of pirate attacks location please refer to IMB Piracy & Armed Robbery Map, a very valuable tool that shows all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre during 2013. If exact coordinates are not provided, estimated positions are shown based on information provided. Zoom-in and click on the pointers to view more information of an individual attack. Pointers may be superimposed on each other.

PIRACY & ARMED ROBBERY REPORTS until last week of February

  • 24.02.2013: 2345 LT: Posn: 10:18.13N – 075:31.16W, Cartagena A Anchorage, Colombia. Four robbers boarded an anchored LPG tanker via the anchor chain and hose pipe. The robbers caught and tied up the duty AB who had sighted and shouted at them. The robbers broke into the fore castle store and escaped with ship property.
  • 22.02.2013: 1800 UTC: Posn: 03:51N – 005:57E, Around 30nm SSW of Brass, Nigeria. About six pirates armed with automatic riffles in a skiff launched from a mother vessel chased and fired upon a general cargo ship underway. Master raised alarm, activated anti piracy preventive measures, increased speed, took evasive manoeuvres and non essential crew took shelter in the citadel. The pirates attempted to board the ship several times and then aborted the attempt due to the hardening measures taken by the ship. Incident reported to MRCC Nigeria. No injuries to crew but the ship sustained some damage due to the firing.
  • 20.02.2013: 2100 LT: Posn: 05:34S – 104:35E, Teluk Semangka Anchorage, Indonesia. Engine room stores were robbed from a LPG tanker carrying out a STS operations. The robbery was discovered upon sailing and the ship’s crew suspect the local mooring gang which, had remained onboard the vessel during the STS operations.
  • 20.02.2013: 0048 LT: Posn: 07:09S – 112:40E, Gresik area, Surabaya, Indonesia. A bulk carrier under pilotage and awaiting berthing was boarded by robbers who stole ship’s stores and escaped unnoticed. Incident reported to pilot onboard who in turn reported to port control.
  • 20.02.2013: 0600 LT: Posn: 01:23.3S – 116:56.5E, Balikpapan Anchorage, Indonesia. Master onboard an anchored chemical tanker carrying out bunkering operation saw two robbers on the forecastle deck with long swords stealing the mooring ropes. He raised the alarm and mustered the crew. Seeing crew alertness the robbers jumped overboard and escaped.
  • 18.02.2013: 2310 LT: Posn: 00:08.9N – 106:18.9E, 52nm West of Pulau Penjantan, Indonesia. D/O onboard a container ship underway noticed two masked pirates on the bridge wing attempting to enter the bridge. Alarm raised and crew mustered on bridge. The pirates could not enter the locked bridge and escaped upon seeing the crew alertness.
  • 18.02.2013: 1645 UTC: Posn: 07:14.4N – 052:17.2E, Around 150nm ESE of Eyl, Somalia. Two white speed boats approached and fired upon a general cargo ship underway. Onboard armed security returned fire resulting in the skiffs moving away.
  • 18.02.2013: 04:00 LT: Posn: 22° 11.10′ N – 91° 46.00′ E, Chittagong Anchorage ‘C’, Bangladesh. After STS discharge operations, the crew on the anchored product tanker while awaiting for further instructions discovered that two STS mooring ropes were stolen. Coast Guard informed.
  • 18.02.2013: 03:15 LT: Posn: 1° 42.30′ N – 101° 27.00′ E, Dumai Inner Anchorage, Indonesia. Two robbers armed with long knives boarded the anchored chemical tanker using a portable ladder. Duty A/B noticed the robbers and informed the D/O who raised the alarm, sounded ship’s whistle and informed the port control. The robbers immediately jumped overboard and escaped empty handed upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness.
  • 17.02.2013: 07:00 UTC: Posn: 3° 57.40′ N – 5° 20.80′ E, Around 39nm SW of the Coast, Nigeria. An offshore tug was attacked and boarded by pirates. Further details awaited.
  • 17.02.2013: 0615 LT: Posn: 06:27N – 003:23E, Berth No.2, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Robbers in a wooden boat approached a berthed bulk carrier. One robber boarded the ship, broke into the forward store and stole ship’s stores. Duty crew noticed the robber and raised the alarm. The robber escaped with the stolen stores.
  • 15.02.2013: 02:10 LT: Posn: 22° 15.00′ N – 91° 42.00′ E, Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh. Robbers armed with long knives boarded the anchored ship via the anchor chain. Alert duty A/B noticed the robbers and raised the alarm. The robbers threatened the A/B with the knives and then escaped without stealing anything. It is suspected that the six shore watchmen onboard the ship may have opened the anchor chain cover to let the robbers onboard.
  • 14.02.2013:  23:40 LT: Posn: 20° 37.25′ N – 106° 51.82′ E, Haiphong Anchorage, Viet Nam. Robbers boarded the anchored ship via the anchor chain after breaking the locks on the hawse-pipe cover. They broke into the forepeak store, stole the ship’s stores and escaped unnoticed.
  • 14.02.2013: 01:00 LT: Posn: 9° 54.00′ N – 76° 08.00′ E, Cochin Anchorage, India. Three robbers boarded the anchored tanker. Alert duty officer noticed movement on the forecastle deck and raised the alarm. On hearing the alarm and seeing crew alertness the robbers were seen jumping overboard. Upon investigation it was discovered that ship’s stores were stolen.
  • 13.02.2013: 04:40 LT: Posn: 1° 06.50′ N – 103° 36.20′ E, Nipah Anchorage, Singapore Straits. Robbers boarded the tanker carrying out STS transfer operations and stole engine spares. They escaped when crew spotted them and raised the alarm. Port authorities informed.
  • 12.02.2013: 05:40 LT: Posn: 1° 17.09′ S – 116° 47.73′ E, Balikpapan Inner Anchorage, Indonesia. Robbers boarded the tanker at anchor. On sighting the robbers, the Master raised alarm and crew mustered. Robbers escaped with ship’s stores.
  • 12.02.2013: 01:50 LT: Posn: 1° 42.36′ N – 101° 27.27′ E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia. Three robbers armed with long knives boarded the anchored bulk carrier using a rope and a hook attached to a long pole. Duty officer noticed the robbers and raised the alarm, sounded the ship’s whistle and informed the local authorities. The robbers escaped empty-handed upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew.
  • 2013.02.11: 06:35 LT: Posn: South of Coastline, Nigeria.A general cargo ship underway noticed a speed boat approaching on its port side. The vessel increased speed and made evasive manoeuvres. The speed boat came alongside and pirates attempted to board. Due to the anti piracy measures enforced the pirates aborted attempt and moved away. Weapons were fired at the vessel. The crew and vessel are safe and proceeded to a safe port.
  • 10.02.2013: 18:30 LT: Posn: 3° 33.55′ N – 6° 35.39′ E, Around 45nm off Bonny River, Nigeria. Twelve heavily armed pirates approached, fired on and boarded an offshore supply vessel underway. Alarm raised and most of the crew retreated into the citadel. The pirates caught and kidnapped the C/Engr and Master and escaped with ship’s and crew cash and personal effects.
  • 07.02.2013: 21:25 UTC: Posn: 2° 47.00′ N – 5° 48.00′ E, Around 96nm SSW of Brass, Nigeria. Pirates attacked and boarded the ship underway. They stole crew and ship’s property and escaped. Further details awaited.
  • 07.02.2013: 07:00 LT: Posn: 3° 40.48′ N – 5° 53.12′ E, 40nm SSW of Brass Terminal,Nigeria. Around 17 pirates armed with AK47 rifles attacked, boarded and hijacked an offshore supply vessel underway and tried to use it as a mother vessel. The vessel was released on 11.02.2013 with no injury to crew. Ship stores and equipment were stolen and some communication equipment were damaged.
  • 06.02.2013: 02:45 LT: Posn: 1° 41.80′ S – 116° 38.60′ E, Adang Bay Anchorage, Indonesia. Three robbers armed with knives boarded the anchored bulk carrier via the anchor chain. They attacked the duty crew on the forecastle, who managed to escape and raise the alarm. All crew mustered and proceeded forward. Seeing the alert crew the robbers jumped overboard and escaped in their boat. On investigation it was discovered ship’s stores was stolen from the forecastle store.
  • 04.02.2013: 00:24 UTC: Posn: 6° 19.16′ N – 3° 24.57′ E, Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria. Armed persons with guns approached and fired upon an anchored tanker carrying out STS operations. The response of the onboard naval security team resulted in the armed persons moving away. One crew member died during the medical evacuation due to an injury sustained during the firing.
  • 03.02.2013: 06:59 LT: Posn: 4° 07.38′ N  – 3° 54.42′ W, 70 NM south of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Twelve heavily armed pirates with guns boarded and hijacked the tanker underway. They sailed the vessel to Nigeria and stole the oil cargo and the crew’s/vessel’s valuables. On 05.02.2013 the vessel and her 17 crew members were released. Two crew members were injured. The vessel proceeded to a safe port.
  • 02.02.2013: 04:30 LT: Posn: 3° 55.60′ N – 98° 48.60′ E , Belawan Anchorage, Indonesia. Six robbers armed with knives in a wooden motor boat approached the anchored tanker. One of the robbers attempted to board the tanker by hooking a ladder near the mid ship manifold area. Alert duty crew spotted the robbers and informed the D/O who raised the alarm, sounded ship’s whistle and crew mustered. On hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers aborted the attempted boarding and moved away.

For up to date live and accurate information please refer to ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) and IMO Global Integrated Shipping Information System websites.

Photo credit: Maritime Piracy-Humanitarian Response to Piracy (MPHRP)

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