Paris MoU Detention Report for General Cargo Ship MV Captain Blue

On 25 July 2007 the MV Captain Blue loaded with cement bags, sent a distress alert to JRCC (Joint Rescue and Coordination Centre) Piraeus reporting a starboard list of four degrees west of Kefalonia Island at the Ionian Sea. Following the appropriate actions from the Hellenic SAR Authorities, the ship was towed safely in the port of Kefalonia Island. The master reported to the local Coast Guard Authority that he was not in position of proceeding to ballast operations since he suspected that there could be a hole in the hold, resulting to damage on cargo. As a consequence the ship was inspected by a team of PSCOs from the PSC Office of Patra and the inspection revealed 20 deficiencies, with most of them of a serious nature resulting in a detention.

2013.01.03 - Paris MoU Detention Report for General Cargo Ship MV Captain Blue Figure 1

On behalf of the Flag Administration, the ship was permitted to sail on 1st August 2007 to the port of Zante Island (next to Kefalonia) in order to discharge the rest of the cargo. Following several re-inspections upon request from the ship’s side with unsatisfactory results, finally and after proper action from the ship company the ship departed from the port of Zante to the port of Piraeus in order to complete the repairs arriving on 17 November 2007. Following the completion of repairs, the Captain Blue was inspected by the local PSC Authority and she was finally released from the detention on 7 December 2007.

The list of deficiencies that resulted in the vessel’s detention is as follows:

  • Cargo ship safety and LL Certificates / Expired
  • Abandon Ship Drills / Lack of training
  • Double bottoms no.1 & 2 not watertight
  • Tank top of double bottom no.2 not watertight (found with holes)
  • 5 fire hoses needed to be replaced
  • 3 nozzles from fire hoses missing
  • Distress flares missing
  • Lifejackets found in poor condition
  • Ropes of Lifebuoys in poor condition & lights out of order
  • Hydrostatic releases of life rafts found expired
  • Test report of satellite EPIRB found expired
  • NAVTEX out of order
  • ISM / Maintenance of ship & equip incomplete
  • ISM / Lack of documentation for familiarisation of crew
  • ISM / Lack of documentation of drills

2013.01.03 - Paris MoU Detention Report for General Cargo Ship MV Captain Blue Figure 2

Source: Paris MoU

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