SHIPSERV Survey on Social Media Use in Shipping

Last August SHIPSERV launched its 3rd Internet and Social Media survey. SHIPSERV annual survey is a real barometer of digital use in the maritime industry with the aim of building an understanding of how trends in business-to-business e-commerce and social media are impacting the maritime sector. The survey aims to collect opinions both online and offline from purchasing managers and suppliers from the world’s leading shipowners, managers and suppliers. For this year’s survey questions have been added about social media usage and its development, as there has been a marked increase in the use of these platforms by shipping companies. This year’s survey can be found HERE.

The results of last year’s survey showed a quickening of observable trends in internet use, with many respondents adopting new tools and working methods to adapt to challenging shipping market conditions. The 2011 survey’s key findings were as follows:

  • Many more marine buyers and suppliers are using internet to source and transact, with significant (15%) increase in usage between 2010 and 2011;
  • Users consider peer reviews on suppliers and the selection of trusted websites as the two most important factors in influencing a purchasing decision from an internet provider;
  • Respondents said faster transaction speed was greatest benefit of doing business over internet;
  • The use of social media applications is here to stay. In the biggest shift since 2010, the survey found that 75% of respondents said they would increase their use of social media in a business context;
  • Over 50% of respondents said they use the mobile internet or a mobile application every day.


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