USS Farragut Radar Radiation Injures Norwegian Coast Guard Crew

U.S. Navy has confirmed that the guided missile destroyer USS Farragut emitted radiation from its radar that injured crew members on board the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Nordkapp while both were taking part in exercises in the Arctic in August.

According to Scandinavian media reports, the radiation that hit the Norwegian vessel knocked out its instruments and several of the crew members felt their skin become warm from radiation.

According to Coast Guard chief Lars Saunes, medical personnel were sent on board the KV Nordkapp, to examine the health of the crew. Several complained of headache and other symptoms after they were exposed to radiation from the American vessel. Some crew members were later admitted to hospital.

According to a report from an investigating committee of the incident the crew must have been exposed to electromagnetic radiation by radar operating in the frequency band 3-4 GHZ.

Sources: Marine Log, NRK

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